State: Doctor OK to practice after prison sentence

Posted: March 22, 2012 at 7:52 pm

Dr. Glen R. Justice, the Fountain Valley oncologist who continued defrauding Medicare after signing a plea agreement, will be allowed to practice medicine after his release from prison next year.

The California Medical Board, which could have revoked Justice’s license, instead suspended it for one year or for the remainder of his prison term, whichever is longer, according to legal documents recently made public.

Dr. Glen R. Justice, seen here working in Haiti. He is now serving time for Medicare fraud.


Justice, 67, is serving an 18-month sentence in Lompoc after pleading guilty to five counts of fraud for billing for expensive cancer drugs that were never given to patients. He originally reached a plea deal that called for probation, but federal prosecutors asked for prison time after discovering that Justice continued to submit fraudulent bills after signing the agreement.

Justice’s projected release date is April 2013. Afterward, he will be placed on 10 years of medical board probation, which bars him from solo practice and requires him to take an ethics course.

Over the past few years, several Orange County doctors who were convicted of insurance fraud have faced the harshest punishment loss of their medical licenses.

Dan Wood, spokesman for the medical board, described Justice’s decade of probation as “heavy” discipline.

“While it might seem lenient compared to some other cases, it really isn’t,” Wood said. “He’s not an imminent threat to the health of anybody. Obviously he’s an excellent doctor with an excellent reputation.”

Mary Haller of Beaumont said her father was one of Justice’s cancer patients, and her father loved Justice. But she said she doesn’t think Justice should be allowed to practice again, particularly because he continued to commit fraud after he was caught.

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State: Doctor OK to practice after prison sentence

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